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Mind Over Matter: Rowed Another 10,000 Metres in a Day


I rowed 10 km yesterday after a long layoff. It wasn’t easy but I made the distance, divided into three sessions. To prove that yesterday’s effort was no fluke, I tried rowing another 10 km this evening. I succeeded—again over three sessions—but it was more difficult than yesterday’s row. My shoulders and back felt the strain of yesterday’s rowing session, and I was generally tired from the rowing yesterday and lack of sleep due to rowing-induced aches and pains.

The last few kilometres were challenging. I was tired and body parts—palms, ankles (from friction with the ankle support; I rowed barefoot yesterday), shoulder, lower back, etc.—were sore.

Using a variety of mind tricks, I fought through the exhaustion and pain to record another 10 km. Let’s see if I can repeat the same feat tomorrow evening.

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