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Kinesis Model 100 Project: Switches of the Key Wells

The last couple of weeks have been busy. I am not in a position to reveal what I’ve been up to, suffice to say that I am in good spirits. I may disclose my recent activities next week.

I have given myself two weeks from today to complete my Kinesis Model 100 Project, mainly because I have other interesting hobby projects to work on.

The plan is to:

  1. Select the right key well to work on first.
  2. Desolder all the switches in the right key well
  3. Remove circuit board/membrane.
  4. Use alcohol to remove the dried hot glue
  5. Remove the switches
  6. For each switch, remove the springs and apply Krytox 205 to their sliders
  7. Replace the spring with different springs:
    • The three medial (closest to the midline) columns will have brand-new 62g Korean springs
    • The next medical column (with the ‘2’ and ‘9’ keys at the top) will have springs from brand-new Cherry MX blue switches
    • The next two (most lateral) columns will have brand-new 55g Korean springs
  8. All springs will be lubricated with Victorinox Multi Tool Oil
  9. Fit the switches into the key well plate and apply hot glue to fix them
  10. Solder the switches to the circuit board/membrane
  11. Reassemble the keyboard
  12. Test to see if everything works
  13. Repeat on the left key well
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