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IBM Model M 1391401 Keyboard [SOLD]

Manufacturer: International Business Machines (IBM)
Model: Model M 1391401 Gray label
Serial Number: 3178866
Serial Number: 4 September 1987
Condition: Very Good
Cosmetics: Very good. A few minor signs of wear, no deep scratches, no major scuffs, no yellowing. Two-piece keycaps. The SDL-to-PS/2 cable is the original IBM cable that came with the keyboard—it has kept its coils very well despite its age.
Operation: Works perfectly. Classic Model M clicky sound from each key. Occasionally, Model Ms, even brand new ones, have broken plastic rivets. This keyboard has no broken rivets.
Price: SOLD!
Shipping: Free of charge. This keyboard was sold to a Singaporean mechanical keyboard enthusiast—his first mechanical keyboard! (A fine choice.)
Contact: modelm4sale@gmail.com

Another IBM Model M keyboard, in very good condition.

The keyboard was manufactured on September 4, 1987. Consistent with its date of manufacture, this keyboard features old school metal stabilizers under the big keys, e.g., “Enter” and “+” of the numeric pad. Model M manufactured from late 1988 have plastic stabilizers instead of the metal ones that you see on this keyboard.

Each key was tested both via a PS/2 port as well as a USB port with a Blue Cube USB-to-PS/2 adapter, and works perfectly. The person to whom I sold this keyboard also purchased a brand-new Blue Cube PS/2-to-USB adapter from me. In this case, the buyer required a Blue Cube adapter to enable the keyboard to work on his MacBook Pro laptop computer. I recommend people to get a Blue Cube adapter even if their computer has a PS/2 port for several reasons:

  • The adapter makes the keyboard future-proof (for at least the next five years)—it would allow the keyboard to work seamlessly with any modern keyboard. (Modern keyboards do not usually have a PS/2 port.)
  • The Blue Cube is the only PS/2-to-USB adapter that has worked with every IBM Model M keyboard that I’ve tried (that’s easily more than 50, and counting).
  • Good value. For the combination of its compact size, proven durability, and price ($15 or less for a brand-new Blue Cube), I don’t think there is any PS/2-to-USB adapter that can compete with the Blue Cube.

I guarantee that you will not find any other IBM Model M in this condition with all the special features (gray IBM badge; made by IBM USA and not Lexmark or Unicomp; non-stretched original IBM SDL-to-PS/2 cable; metal stabilizers under larger keycaps instead of plastic ones; no broken plastic rivets, etc.) for sale at this price (or lower) anywhere in Singapore or Malaysia, and quite possibly the rest of Southeast Asia.

External Reviews of the IBM Model M Keyboard

Many people in Asia are unfamiliar with this legendary keyboard. So I’ve included some links to reviews of this keyboard below. If you are new to buckling springs keyboards, you should probably have a look at these reviews and do your own Google search.

Video of IBM Model M Keyboard

To get an idea of the clickiness of typing on an IBM Model M keyboard, watch the following video:

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  • mark February 14, 2014, 4:27 PM

    hello, I would like to purchase the keyboard. can you send me the pricing by my email? I am currently working at singapore.

    • Andy Teh February 14, 2014, 11:28 PM

      @mark—I’m sorry I don’t have any more IBM Model M keyboards for sale.

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