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Back on the Rower

Yesterday I took some time to spray paint one of my DT225 trackballs as part of a DT225 restoration project. I did this activity outdoors and the painting went quite well but as I entered the house, I suddenly felt really faint. I didn’t black out but I thought I was going to. It appeared that the activity of painting the trackball for about half an hour or so was too much for me. This hypothesis was confirmed this morning when I got up—my entire body was aching badly.

Conclusion: My body has been really deconditioned by my recent flu.

My solution: Begin a program of graduated exercise.

I went back on the rower earlier in the evening, thinking I might just row about 3 minutes. But I felt pretty good after 3 minutes, and therefore continued a little longer.

I eventually rowed a little over 1000 metres in five minutes with the damper level set at Level 2. I expect soreness in quite a few areas by tomorrow morning. But this is the price I have to pay to get back in shape.

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