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Rowing-Induced Bruising

If you’re unaware, I’m trying to lose 6.1 kg in 3 months.

One of the early side effects of this weight-reduction programme is development of a bruise, known as “purpura” among medicos, on my left palm, which I first noticed on Sunday, 15 July 2012.


This is quite common for rowers, and not surprising in my case because I haven’t been rowing seriously for many weeks. In addition, I’ve been pulling unusually hard in the last few days.

The spot of purpura is mildly tender but it hasn’t affected my rowing yet, as evidenced by a strong 20 -minute row yesterday evening. I made a conscious effort to avoid pressure on the area, which obviously helped.

I hope the spot doesn’t ulcerate because that could really threaten my plan to reach 10 km per day. Whether or not an ulcer forms, this area is going to turn into a callus.

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