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IBM Model F PC / AT Keyboard [SOLD]

IBM Model F PC/AT keyboard

Manufacturer: International Business Machines (IBM)
Model: Model F PC/AT, i.e., Model F Personal Computer / Advanced Technology
Serial Number: 6450200
Condition: Average
Cosmetics: Scuffs, stains and minor superficial blemishes in some areas. Scratches to the ‘! 1’ and ‘0 Ins’ keycaps – these keycaps may be replaced by standard Model M ones. The protective sticker over the aluminium IBM badge is just begging to be peeled off by its new owner—this is quite unusual for a keyboard more than 25 years old (its date of birth was “31 MAR 1987”).
Operation:The keyboard works as expected and without any issue. Nice, crisp typing.
Price: SOLD!
Shipping: Included in the price of the keyboard.
Contact: modelf4sale@gmail.com

This rare IBM Model F PC/AT keyboard was sold before I was able to list it. As one of my backup Model F PC/ATs, it saw zero use except when I tested it on arrival. Therefore, this post is merely for archival purposes.

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