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Down With the Flu

Istarted to have a dry cough roughly after my last row on July 23, 2012. Unfortunately, that has quickly developed into nasty viral illness, which I’m calling the flu. The cough has somewhat settled but the last 18 hours have been punctuated by episodes of high fever and chills. I just measured my temperature—38.3° Celsius. That’s quite high—body temperature is normally around 36.9–37.0° Celsius. No wonder I’m feeling so warm!

Temperature 38.3° Celsius

With a bad generalized headache, low back ache, and feeling somewhat disorientated for most of the day, I took the day off work—my staff and family were relieved that I did not attempt to test the limits of my resilience this time.

Looks like I’ll be out of action for another two or three days.

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