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Current Body Weight Versus Target Body Weight

I weighed myself this afternoon. 78.6 kg. I know… you must be wondering what the fuss is all about—why should I try to lose weight?

Let’s do the math to calculate my Body Mass Index (BMI). I weigh 78.6 kg and I’m 172 cm tall. So that makes my BMI 78.6/1.722 = 26.6. That’s a little above the ideal BMI of 20.0–24.9.

To reach a BMI of 24.9, I will have to weigh (1.72)2 × 24.9 = 73.7 kg.

However, to give myself some buffer (not that my height will change any time soon), I shall aim for a BMI of 24.5 or (1.72)2 × 24.5 = 72.5 kg. In other words, I need to lose 6.1 kg.

In setting a goal, I also need to give myself a realistic timeline. I should be able to shed 6.1 kg in 3 months, or about 2 kg per month.

In summary, the goal of my weight management/reduction program is to lose 6.1 kg by midnight on October 15, 2012. Piece of cake. 🙂

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